The Impact of Gender on Uber Driver Pay

  • Risk taking: Male drivers are more likely to drive around bars and in high crime areas (which pay more per mile traveled)
  • Experience: Uber drivers tend to earn more over time (drivers with >2500 trips earn on average 17% more than drivers with <100 trips per hour). Male drivers tend to have more experience driving for Uber
  • Speed: Male drivers tend to drive faster and so have more trips per hour Uber pay is a function of number of trips, number of miles traveled and number of minutes driving, but on net more trips means more pay per hour)




CMO/Advisor/Tsundoku ex-@ga @aplaceformom @expedia @mckinsey @wharton @proctergamble Author—MarketingBS

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Edward Nevraumont

Edward Nevraumont

CMO/Advisor/Tsundoku ex-@ga @aplaceformom @expedia @mckinsey @wharton @proctergamble Author—MarketingBS

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