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Cody Cook (PhD student, Stanford) and Paul Oyer (Economics Professor, Stanford) have a forthcoming paper that the gender pay gap for Uber drivers. It has long been known that while Uber drivers are paid “gender blind”, male drivers as a group consistently make more per hour of driving. Cook and Oyer’s paper attempts to tease apart the drivers of the difference (pun intended).

The Gender Pay Gap in the Gig Economy: Evidence from 1mil Uber Drivers” found there were three drivers that explained the entire difference in pay:

  • Risk taking: Male drivers are more likely to drive around bars and…

Just putting this all in one place so I can link to it rather than re-sending each time I am asked. (last updated Aug 31/2020)

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A friend with GPT-3 access plugged in a recent Marketing BS essay and then asked GPT-3 to continue the post in the same writing style and provide an example to support my argument. The result is pretty incredible. Italics was the sample provided. Everything after “One example:” is GPT-3:

Last Wednesday, CEOs from four of the five most valuable companies in the US (Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook) testified before the House Judiciary Committee's antitrust subcommittee. For six hours, politicians grilled Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, and Mark Zuckerberg about their companies’ business practices.

The House Committee accessed internal…

I’m not ready to write a full essay on this, but a friend asked the question, so I thought I would share my “off the top of my head” response somewhere other than private email.

The situation:

Apple is going to block the ability of Facebook to track the “full revenue funnel” from ads served through to app installs and revenue/install [Details in The Information]. The question is: “What does that do to the Facebook Ad ecosystem?”

What I think will happen:

The gaming apps have VERY good attribution and zero marginal cost. This lets them bid very accurately and…

I fed GPT-3 (OpenAI’s very impressive text prediction software tool) summaries of existing MCU films and had it describe the plots of the upcoming films. We won’t know for sure how accurate this super-powered AI is until the films come out. But I am optimistic it has read between the lines and knows what these films are going to contain. I am particularly impressed with the details it was able to obtain on Spiderman 3 (it even predicted this would be the first MCU Spiderman film that does not use “Home” as part of the subtitle).

Here are the descriptions…

I am using AI Dungeon to create a simulation where you pretend to be a CMO working with a consultant to name a new product. I first wrote about it here. Exercise #2 was about water bottles. I thought the second attempt had too much description amd not enough dialog, so I played with the format a little, and this was the result. The product is Golf Balls, and the target audience is kids who play golf. The remainder of the post is the simulation. > are points where I enter the conversation, the rest is 99% AI.



I used AI Dungeon to create a simulation where you pretend to be a CMO working with a consultant to name a new product. I first wrote about it here. Since then I have been refining the AI to improve it’s performance. Here is one of the attempts where we work together to name a new water bottle targeted at “runners”. The remainder of the post is the simulation. > are points where I enter the conversation, the rest is 99% AI.


You are the chief marketing officer of a company launching a new water bottles. Your target audience…

OpenAI has recently opened up beta for GTP-3, and as everyone who is testing it is saying, it is “shockingly good”. Unfortunately, most of us non-tech celebrities do not have access to the API. We are left looking at screenshots of people who are using it for everything imaginable. But I found a workaround.

AI Dungeon is an interactive text-based role playing game. It has been active for a year now using the older GTP-2 as it’s base, but now you can pay $10/month to get access to “Dragon” — their advanced AI that is built with GTP-3. AI Dungeon…

Yesterday (March 19th) I went for a run around Queen Anne, a neighborhood near the downtown core in Seattle. It was less than a week ago that the city was pushed into “lockdown” to protect against coming coronavirus infections overpowering our hospitals. I decided to stop and take some photos of what that looks like for businesses in this normally very prosperous area. This is coming for many cities across America and around the world.

What is not seen in these photos is how much life is moving forward. There were far more people on the streets during my run…

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